Audionic Airbud One Plus Earphone

Audionic Airbud One Plus Earphone


Audionic Airbud One Plus is the next gen Bluetooth wireless earbud. Comes with its very own power-case to ensure that it is always ready to go.

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Audionic Airbud One Plus

Audionic Airbud one is a single ear bluetooth earbud. It enables you to do your day to day task without touching your phone that too in style. Blends in your daily attire and everyday carry. It provides a seamless fashionable look with great functionality and usability. Goes into pairing function directly once out of the power-case. Enables easy and quick pairing with any Bluetooth device. Once paired it the device can detect it and connect with it automatically. Being the classic earbud design, It does not fatigue your ears in long term usage. Modern driver technology provides an amazing sound experience without being uncomfortable.

Audionic Airbuds OnePlus

Airbud One comes with a battery case which makes it very convenient to charge. Battery case provides extra battery life through out the day. Touch-Tap technology enables you to control the basic functions on your device. This makes it very easy to navigate through functions without touching your device or unlocking it. You can attend calls and control music player with the tap function. You can also call the recent contact by double tapping Airbud One. It has a double tap and single tap functions to differentiate between commands. This helps you through the usage. Sensors are accurate to reject accidental taps to lower any possible hindrance.

Silicon Case

Comes with a silicon case. It protects it from potential scratches and accidental drops and bumps. Silicon case also provides water resistance to the device to ensure long life of it. It also gives it a very unique look and increases the grip so it does not slip easily.


Airbud One is best for the mobile devices. You can pair with iPhone or android. But with the Bluetooth technology, it can also connect with different laptops, personal computers (If they have Bluetooth functionality enabled) and other devices like MP3 players.

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